About Us


Since the birth of Betenbough Homes in 1992, and the covenant made between father and son, Ron and Rick Betenbough, the power of God and His Kingdom have been at work in the company.

Now serving as CEO of Betenbough Companies, Inc., Rick Betenbough transitioned from his former role as President of Betenbough Homes in 2016 in order to play a more active role in equipping other business leaders. From that vision, Kingdom At Work was born.

Housed under Cornerstone Support Services (a sister company of Betenbough Homes), Kingdom At Work exists to share the lessons we have learned along the way. This desire has provided ongoing opportunities for connections with fellow business leaders all over the globe.

Even though Kingdom At Work has an external focus on equipping business leaders all around the globe, it is still part of the Betenbough Homes family and often draws inspiration from its business model.


  • Workshops – Throughout the year, our team hosts various events designed to help encourage and equip leaders on their Kingdom business journey.  For more information about upcoming events, please visit our Events tab.
  • Private Leadership Coaching – If you would like to discuss ways in which our team could help you and your organization in a more intimate setting, feel free to Contact us. We would love to host you and your team for a private on-site visit!
  • Strategic Networking – Our vast base of relationships with Kingdom-minded leaders has uniquely positioned us to be able to connect you with other leaders in your area! Whether it’s via workshops or coaching opportunities, we would love to strategically connect you and your team with other Kingdom leaders!
  • DISC Coaching – We have discovered that one of the best tools to aid in any relational leadership approach is the DISC personality profile.  If you would like a private coaching session for your team from a Certified Human Behavior Consultant ®, feel free to Contact us.


The central services we offer are one-on-one coaching with leaders and their teams. Since we can only reach so many people through these streams, we have committed to also making many of our resources available through this website.

While we try to tackle many topics and questions in our content, sometimes our answer simply might be, “We don’t know.” While there are some universal truths regarding running a Kingdom business, there doesn’t seem to be a one-size-fits-all formula on how to do this effectively in every scenario. Every leader and business is a little different, but we do know that God desires that His Kingdom be at the center of each. We believe that when a Kingdom Leader engages in a Kingdom Style, a Kingdom Culture emerges, and the Kingdom of God advances!

Because of this concept, what might work well for your business could look different than it does for ours. The key is staying submitted to God and a faithful team of leaders, while being willing to try different approaches when necessary.


Our primary audience is business leaders looking to integrate their faith into business. While our content is more inspirational than informational, we still want to provide some concrete examples to help you get started. We invite you to subscribe to new posts via email so that our content can provide a regular cadence of encouragement to you, both personally and professionally.