Kingdom Leadership Workshop Intro Videos

Kingdom Leader

A Kingdom Leader is: wholly submitted to God, called and appointed by God, and equipped and empowered by God. When God begins to transform any business or ministry, His first order of business could very well be to transform you. Explore this idea and the call to Kingdom leadership more by watching the video below.


Kingdom Style

A Kingdom Style: flows out of a wholly submitted Kingdom leader, places a higher value on the people than on the profit, and develops an intentionally relational environment. Above all else, it is relational. Watch this video below to learn more about what it looks like to lead with a Kingdom style.


Kingdom Culture

A Kingdom Culture: flows from the heart of the King through His appointed leader, displays the values of the King, and shapes the thoughts and values of its people. A Kingdom culture discovers the why behind the what. Check out this short video for more about what it is to truly have a Kingdom culture in your business.