The Kingdom of God… and Business

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Until recent years, the message and reality of the Kingdom of God has been shrouded in mystery in many circles, and thus, silent in the hearts of many Christians. It is widely apparent now that the tide is turning! Many are embracing both the message and the reality of God’s Kingdom and are being profoundly impacted.

Our testimony declares that the Kingdom of God has come into our business and into the lives of so many employees and families, yet we realize that it is impossible to clearly define the Kingdom of God. We can look intently in Scripture and never find a verse where Jesus provided a clear definition. He did, however, begin many statements with the words, “The Kingdom is like…” His descriptions provide great help in beginning to gain valuable insight. We are discovering that the Kingdom is not a theological idea or purely a location. Nor is it merely a place that a group of elite Christians will experience some day! It is real, it is alive, and, even more importantly, it is available!

Scripture reveals to us that the Kingdom of God indeed is the central theme of the Bible. We learn that it was the passion of King David, the motivation for Apostle Paul, and the obsession of Jesus. He spoke of the Kingdom over 100 times throughout the New Testament! His life on earth was the complete demonstration of what happens when someone surrenders and submits his entire life to the power of the Kingdom.

God desires for the Marketplace to be a substantial expression of His Kingdom!

Many have tried to reduce the scope of the Kingdom of God to something that can be fully understood. While we believe the Kingdom of God can express itself in many ways, we have embraced the reality that God desires for the Marketplace to be a substantial expression of His Kingdom! After all, if one observes the list of illustrations presented by Jesus in Matthew 13, it is obvious that He is describing the Kingdom in contexts that go beyond the walls of a traditional local church. He describes things such as a sower, a landowner, a seed, leaven, a certain treasure, a merchant, and even a fishing net! We may not be able to fully encompass the Kingdom here on this earth, but we can rest assured that the Kingdom can fully encompass every submitted facet of our society and lives – including those of us in the Marketplace.

It is our desire that the reality of the Kingdom of God become a driving force in your life and in your business. We want to more deeply connect the Kingdom to the hearts of business people worldwide. While we can’t offer all the answers, we can offer an opportunity to connect with you on some level. Additionally, we can help connect you to others who are on a similar journey.

We have committed our lives to honoring the life of the One who gave it all in order to give us the Kingdom! Our desire is to share our story and the revelations of the Kingdom that continue to radically transform our lives. We have a team dedicating full-time attention to the collaboration of Kingdom business leaders from all over the world. If you desire to connect and join us in this effort, please contact us so we can connect with you. We look forward to getting to know you!

For the Kingdom of God… and Business!

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    Arienne Corben
    October 6, 2016 at 7:47 PM

    Hello! I have been fascinated by what God is doing through Betenbough Homes. I am in Canada and connected to your site through Right Now Media.
    I would be blessed to connect with you.

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