1-on-1’s: Demonstrating a Kingdom Style

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One of the simplest and most effective ways to demonstrate a Kingdom style of leadership is by conducting one-on-ones.

John 15:16

In the hours leading up to His death, Jesus painted an astonishing picture of the Kingdom to His disciples. As recorded in John 15:16, “You did not choose Me, but I chose you, and ordained you that you should go and bring forth fruit and that your fruit would remain, that whatsoever you shall ask of the Father in My name, that He may give you.” At the very center of His message lie two truths, also applicable to us:

  • He has chosen us.
  • He is for us.

“By the mystery of election, we are called, appointed, chosen people of the Lord. It is not based on our achievement, adequacy, excellence, or exemplary life.” -Lloyd John Ogilvie

No One Left Behind

In the eyes of Jesus, the playing field is even. The target of His love and power includes everyone. Each person individually bears His image, and is worthy of His undivided attention. Shouldn’t the same be true about the people we lead? It has been said that a Kingdom style of leadership is, above all else, relational. Each person under our care is worthy of undivided attention.

Success of a Kingdom Leader

In a recent post entitled Success of a Kingdom Leader, it was pointed out that “The true legacy of a Kingdom leader is not quantified in a list of accomplishments. True success is defined by their submission to God and the influence they have on the people near them.” The ongoing engagement with the people closest to us is not just a strategy; it is a strategic Kingdom assignment.

As Christ-followers in the marketplace, we must embrace the truth that ALL of us are called to engage deeply. None of us are naturally qualified, but we’ve all been chosen by God to make a Kingdom impact on those around us. Because of our leadership, shouldn’t the people under our care come to know the truth that they, too, are chosen and called by God?

Wisdom from the trenches

“As a leader in the Kingdom, our mission is not to focus primarily on building production or profit, but rather something far more powerful – building people. God created everything, but only His people were created in His image. His people are the most precious creations in His Kingdom! Specifically, our mission is to care about, care for, and lift up His people for what they could be, and to have vision for what we could help them become. This is the absolute center of what we do. Leaders anoint future kings. They see greatness in people before they are great, then call it out, anointing them for a bigger opportunity than the current one.

As a leader, you must be fully engaged daily with your team. THEY are your mission!  Their work is their mission.” –Rick Betenbough, The Center of What We Do post

The 1-on-1

One of the simplest and greatest ways to demonstrate a Kingdom style of leadership is by conducting one-on-ones. In this structure, every leader engages with each member of his team, individually, on a weekly basis. Ideally, this is done face-to-face and outside the “whirlwind” of the day-to-day job setting. Creative measures must be implemented when leaders and direct reports are not located in the same city, however. One idea to address this variable is to utilize free video conferencing technology such as FaceTime, Skype, or other video apps.

Our team has developed a great resource on the topic of one-on-ones. If you or your team members are looking to begin implementing this model, or are searching for ways to enhance your own model, this link takes you to an article entitled 1-on-1 101.

We hope this encourages you and aids your effort to be fully engaged with your team on an ongoing basis. Remember, they are your mission! Each of us has been chosen, and no one should be left behind.

May we together advance the Kingdom of God…at work!


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