Sacred vs. Secular

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(video credit: The Global Leadership Summit)

After watching this short video, we would love to hear your feedback on these two questions:

  1. How does the truth that everything is sacred change your approach to your work day?
  2. If God indeed cares about every single thing, how do you discover His will in the midst of a looming decision, a new direction, or a new venture?

We look forward to your responses!  Have a great day!





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    Wm. Robby Robinson
    February 27, 2017 at 1:18 PM

    1) In my research of ancient Jewish life, there really was no separation between who they were and there work or personal or social life. They lived from a place of recognizing all was from Father. Only since Constatine have we separated our lives into compartments. I daily try to live from a position that Father is in the middle of my work day. Understand it is very important to Him.
    2) From a position of peace, even when I don’t fully understand at the moment. Seems like it’s there if I don’t miss the simplicity of the answer.

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