The Story Behind Our “Believe” DVD

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When it comes to corporate America, most days it is simply business as usual. It’s all about finding the latest and greatest product or service that will return a hefty profit. Even in some of the greatest “success” stories in business, there really isn’t anything new. Perhaps they were a little more efficient at gathering resources than most, or developed a product that seemed fresh and innovative, but at the end of the day, the story was much the same as those that had come before, and in the end most will be forgotten.

However, there are rare moments in the marketplace when businesses make decisions that seem a bit upstream. In a marketplace where most seem to be riding the current, there is occasionally an organization that appears to have turned around and committed to swim the other direction. Whether they are on to something special or have simply lost their mind, it makes a bit of a stir. What in the world are they doing?! They’re messing with the system! Didn’t they read the book?!

Intentionally, or not, this is the place we found ourselves many years ago as we began to make decisions that weren’t quite textbook. Operating with zero leverage in a cash-intensive industry. Giving away profits at a level that should sink the ship. Developing a culture that felt more like home or church than “the office”. It is rather unfortunate that these things have become quite revolutionary. Unfortunate or not, though, it caused a stir. People began to take notice. It became common for people to line up on the sidewalk, and peek through the window. What’s going on in there? Have they lost their minds, or are they on to something?

We’ve always done our best to answer these questions. We are humbled by the attention, and certainly want to be good stewards of those sometimes brief inquisitions. Truthfully, though, it is a bit difficult to package the explanation into a tidy little box that is easily and quickly available for handout when someone stops to ask. Difficult is actually putting it mildly. Perhaps impossible would be more accurate.

But we have to try, right? We have to do our best. We knew this, which is why we sat at the coffee shop one afternoon exploring our options. Should we write a book? Should we film a documentary? Should we just do our best to talk to folks as they come? Should we do anything at all?

After much thought and prayer, it seemed clear that telling our story through video was the way to go. A simple testimony. Nothing instructional…just a story. And EVERYONE would be involved. From our founders to the building maintenance staff to trade partners to homebuyers to ministry partners. We all have a different perspective, and together perhaps we could tell a beautiful story of what God has done in this place.

Seemed simple at first, but it actually took about 18 months to complete the project. We desired that it be of the highest quality. We wanted it to be thorough, but concise. In total, we gathered over 54 hours of testimony. The production company, headquartered in Denver, Colorado, came and shot all types of interviews, b-roll footage, helicopter flyovers, you name it. It was quite the process. In the end, they captured the story in a beautiful way. Almost two decades of history wrapped up in 38 minutes! We were so thankful to finally have something we could hand out to curious observers.

We had no idea! Within 24 hours of receiving the final cut, we had a request to send 500 DVDs to the Dallas area to be handed out to CEOs across the Metroplex. Within a short time, we would be invited to conduct workshops, speak at conferences, and travel as far as Europe to meet with others who wanted to know more. People were captivated by our story! It has now been translated into Spanish, Polish, and Mandarin Chinese.

Where we found ourselves was in the middle of a huge movement of God throughout the marketplace. We never dreamed how many people across the nation, and world for that matter, were experiencing similar transformation. We were excited to meet others who shared our passion, and would do our best to walk out the role God had for our company.

We continue to be humbled by the platform God has granted Betenbough Homes. It still amazes us that He can use such ordinary people to make such extraordinary impact. Our testimony is simple…God cares about the details of your life. His glory fills the whole earth, not just the church sanctuary. He cares just as much about your Monday as He does your Sunday. His plans are much bigger for you than working your life away to simply pay the bills. You were created in His image, and as a believing son or daughter, you are co-heir to everything He has! Your life can have crazy, powerful impact in this world if you will just believe and give Him the reigns!

Perhaps in the Kingdom, this should be the new business as usual…something not so easily forgotten. Our hope is to faithfully use whatever resources we have to impact others in a powerful way. We see the marketplace as our appointed mission field, and we hope that many will join us as we find purpose beyond provision!

“You are the light of the world. A city on a hill cannot be hidden. Neither do people light a lamp and put it under a bowl. Instead, they put it on its stand, and it gives light to everyone in the house.”     -Matthew 5:14-15

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