Top 5 Most Popular Posts of 2017

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Welcome to 2018!

This past year was marked by significant growth for Kingdom At Work, as well as our connections with all of you! We are honored and excited to continue walking alongside you in 2018.

Following dozens of content posts on our site in 2017, we took a look back and discovered what content was the most popular throughout the year.

Check out our top five most popular posts of 2017: 

  1. A Kingdom Culture by Casey Brewer 

Every nation and people have a culture. Why would God’s Kingdom be any different? This post offers three distinctions present in a Kingdom culture. Continue Reading…

  1. What is a Kingdom Business? by Rick Betenbough 

In this short video, Rick Betenbough offers a simple definition to Kingdom Business and invites our readers to reflect and share their own experiences. Continue Reading…

  1. The Center of What We Do by Rick Betenbough 

As a leader, your people are your mission – their work is their mission. Getting these two confused can lead to frustration and disunity, but there is a better way. Continue Reading…

  1. A Leadership Review by Rick Betenbough 

The word “repent” can be scary. It often drudges up associations with religion and shame. In reality though, it means to start thinking a different way. The way you approach this concept is pivotal as a Kingdom Leader. Continue Reading…

  1. The Kingdom of God… and Business by Casey Brewer 

We may not be able to fully encompass the Kingdom here on this earth, but the Kingdom can encompass every submitted facet of our society and lives – including those of us in the Marketplace. Continue Reading…



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