Connar Turner

Digital Marketing Coordinator

Connar graduated with a degree in Advertising and Public Relations from Abilene Christian University. With a personal mission to create beautiful things that inspire others to look to their Creator, Connar started a calligraphy and design business in 2014 called Connar Joy Collective. In 2016, she began her role as Communications Manager for a local non-profit pregnancy clinic, where her passion for LIFE and loving all of God’s people was further ignited.

Now Connar is employing her love of social media, marketing and creative communications to bring more awareness to the movement of advancing God’s Kingdom through the influence of leaders in the marketplace.

Connar’s middle name is Joy, so it’s only fitting that her favorite things are holiday eves, celebrations, anything involving balloons or confetti, and most of all, being the “fun aunt” to her eight nieces and nephews.