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Reflecting on the Kingdom

We are shaking things up a bit in 2019!

Instead of receiving a written post every few weeks, we will be unpacking twelve leadership topics over the course of the year. Each month will revolve around a new topic and each article will be followed up by a short video reflection from someone on our leadership team. The heart behind this is to make each topic more personal, tangible and applicable.

There are a lot of ideas we discuss at Kingdom At Work, but we know that ultimately we learn best when an idea is taken and contextualized in a real-life story or example.

So for January, as a follow-up to the article entitled “What Is The Kingdom of God?”, Rick Betenbough brings this topic to life through a reflection on his own personal journey.


Rick Betenbough

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  1. Rick, just want to reaffirm our love and respect for you and Holly and Pray for huge results from these twelve topics as you travel through this year. You’ll come to see us…we are easy to find 😊 we are in Quincy Park.

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