Cal Zant

President, Betenbough Homes

Cal started his career as a software developer after graduating from Texas Tech University with a degree in computer science. He was hired by Betenbough Homes in 2006, and was promoted to IT Manager the following year.

In 2012, Cal became Chief Information Officer, and was additionally charged with leading the Ministry Team and helping develop future leaders in our company. During that time Cal became much more involved in the strategic planning and operations of the company as a whole and in March 2016 he became President of Betenbough Homes.

What Cal loves most about working at Betenbough Homes is the people. He admires their passion and heart, and believes the people he interacts with are the most missional people who bring everything they have each day to serve others. He hopes people feel sincerely cared for, beyond their job and that they leave better than when they arrived, both professionally and personally.

Cal, his wife, Davida, and two daughters, Joey and Hattie attend Hillside Christian Church.