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Beginning the Journey into Kingdom Leadership

By Kingdom At Work
January 20, 2022

January – a time of new beginnings and new resolves.

When beginning the journey as a Kingdom leader, we often hear people say they don’t know how to start, or that Kingdom at Work ideas don’t sound attainable. We hear you. Stepping fully into your calling as a Kingdom leader will stretch your comfort zone and require sacrifice. In no way is it easy, but is it worth it? Absolutely. Is it attainable? Yes!

We spoke with a fellow Kingdom leader, Libby VanValin, CCO at OLV Investment Group in Flint, Michigan, to get her advice on taking those first steps. Leaders from OLV Investment Group attended our very first Kingdom Leadership Workshop and have attended additional workshops since.

Libby VanValin in an interview at a Kingdom Leadership Workshop

They started with one-on-ones (intentional time with your employees.) “They’re awkward at first, but you just have to keep showing up. Keep going,” said Libby. Soon after they then implemented quarterly team-building events, office lunches every “Terrific Tuesday,” and a Thursday morning book study. Libby says it’s important to “enjoy your team as people, not just people who get work done.”

Persistence seemed to be the theme as OLV Investment Group began to change the way they led their people. They kept going and kept diving deeper into their culture and their people.

“No one can do the work of developing something for you. They can give you tools and walk alongside you, but at the end of the day, the Lord has to show you what to do with your business,” said Libby.

When it comes to breaking down separations between work, spiritual and personal aspects of life, Libby recommends three things:

  • 1.  Time with the Lord
  • 2.  Time with people who are further along in the journey than you
  • 3.  Having a core leadership team

Most importantly, remember that this is a process! Don’t be afraid to change something if it isn’t working.

It’s the start of a new year. What better time to dive into your calling as a Kingdom leader? What “first step” can you take in your business? Whatever it is, take action and rise to your Kingdom calling. We’re with you all the way.

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