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Relational Leadership in Action

By Kingdom At Work
July 7, 2021
Set your company apart. Bring the Kingdom into the workplace. Show you care for your employees and their families beyond the job. Implementing relational leadership is easier than you think!
Kingdom business leader, Aimee Dobbins, who owns Intelligent Design Air Conditioning & Heating, Inc. with her husband, Andrew, not only believe in relational leadership – but live it.
With temperatures rarely dropping below 100 degrees in Tucson, Arizona, HVAC installers, technicians and sales teams work 18+ hour days from May to September. It takes all hands on deck to serve customers with excellence during this busy season, leaving families of these employees needing a little extra care.
We asked Aimee to share how they have intentionally walked with and cared for their people during these long, hard, (and hot!) months. As you read what this company does, think about your business and your people. Think about simple ways you can display relational leadership and care.
Simple things Intelligent Design does to love their families well:
  • Families visit the office once a week
  • Indoor and outdoor play areas for kids at the office
  • Inflatable water slide for play
  • Community of kids to play together
  • Office provided family lunch
  • Kids crafts
  • Mom-specific coffee and breakfast rest & relaxation
Implementing these simple weekly events provides an opportunity for moms and kids to come together. Aimee says, “We love our families by helping wives and moms feel like they aren’t just an afterthought. We aren’t just interested in their husband as an employee. We care for the whole family.”
Aimee and Andrew Dobbins strive to develop and care for their team members as people, not just employees with a useful skillset.
Intelligent Design leaders think about employee needs and how they can meet them in a way that is unique to their industry. Aimee says, “these efforts provide something to do as a family during busy months, and say ‘we care about you,’ while acknowledging that this is the hardest time of the year for our people and their families.”
Perhaps, you or your team members have spent long hours working away from your families. How can you support your people specifically in your industry?

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