Building an Aligned Leadership Team

By Kingdom At Work
July 21, 2022

From the beginning, a team vision has always been important. Genesis tells us that God created man not to be alone – to be part of a team. What else does God tell us about a team? In Matthew 18:20, He says, “When two or more are gathered in my name, I am in the midst of them.”

The beautiful thing about a team is that when everyone is aligned and for each other, each person brings different values, in turn, making each other better.

It is important to create a healthy team — full of collaboration, direction and purpose!

What is a leadership team?

  1. Two or more people
  2. Their highest value is spiritual alignment
    • If your enterprise belongs to the Kingdom, then the highest value of your team should be alignment.
    • In a Kingdom business, spiritual alignment is most important! It’s about unity and being aligned with what the King says about your leadership and your business.
    • Disunity is like a cancer – it has the power to destroy a team. Disunity has to be noticed quickly and dealt with swiftly.
  3. Tell them everything
    • Give your team a backstage pass into everything. Don’t just ask them to be on the team, lift them up to be on the team!
  4. Give them real authority
    • God gave Adam authority over the land. Jesus gave authority to his apostles to cast out demons and heal the sick. Give your team real authority.

We see an example of building an aligned leadership team with Travis Epperson, Owner and Dentist at Epperson Payne Dental Group, who desired to build one team of leaders who moved in the same direction, aligned under the same Kingdom vision. So, he began to make some changes. At the beginning of this new way of leading, to his surprise, he experienced divisiveness from people he thought would be the most supportive.

“I thought if everyone was a Christian that they would be naturally aligned with this Kingdom vision, and I was surprised to find that wasn’t the case.”

Travis Epperson

In fact, one of his team members, really struggled with the idea of an aligned team. Travis had a conversation with this team member, using this analogy, “We’re all on this boat together, rowing together, but you’re on the back of it, and you’re going against the boat.” He had to swiftly address the disunity, knowing that the most important thing is spiritual alignment. Once she finally understood the mission of an aligned team with one Kingdom vision, she was on board. She made a complete 180º shift, and that Kingdom transformation eventually landed her a role on the leadership team.

Remember, spiritual alignment is the highest value for your leadership team! Ask God who should be on your team and begin to pray about what an aligned team looks like in your business.

Watch Epperson Payne Dental Group’s Kingdom at Work Film here.

If you would like to dive deeper into building an aligned leadership team, we encourage you to attend a Kingdom Leadership workshop.

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