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      Thanks, Holly. I appreciate your kind words. It’s encouraging to know this resonated with someone else!

      The Lord does seem bent on helping me find freedom in this area. But I’ll be honest, as a senior leader of a business, it seems like people expect me to have clarity and vision for the future. So leading this way can certainly feel more than a little uncomfortable at times! But, God has never seemed concerned with my comfort – and I know this is something God is helping me with for my benefit, not for what he can get out of me. He’s inviting me into this way of dependent, Kingdom-living.

      It honestly wasn’t until last week that I noticed the common thread through all these stories. I realized God is trying to get the message to me over the past few months through a variety of disparate and unrelated sources. It seems like God has been talking to Rick about some of the same things, too. I figured if it was that important for him to get that message across, I should at least write it down.

      It does seem comical that God would handpick a recovering control-freak and try to teach him to live and lead this way! I will say this kind of faith walk has been the greatest adventure I’ve ever been on, and I know there is only more in store as he invites me deeper.


  1. Great article Cal, and a great video on ‘Avodah’ would appreciate your prayers on this one for me.

    Keep serving and praising Him, regardless.


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