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  1. Thanks Cal, Simon Simek has nothing on you😊 I like your point that everyone has their own Why. I appreciate the Why of your organization and that you took the time to clarify and share with others.👍

    1. Ha! Thanks, Ed. Simon is one of my favorite communicators, as you can probably tell. His quotes always seems to resonate with me.

      Honestly, the content in post in particular might have been the most difficult concept I’ve ever tried to articulate. It’s something that a lot of us on the executive team felt like God has challenged us on and He is progressively maturing our understanding. I’m glad you found it helpful. We’re just all learning from each other, honestly. It’s amazing to see how God is moving right out here in the marketplace! It’s a Kingdom movement, which we’ve seen manifest literally across the globe. It’s something He is doing, not us. God has been in the business of using ordinary people to do extraordinary things for a long time, and I just feel blessed to have a tickets to the show!


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