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Long View Leadership: 3 Ways to Lead with God’s Greater Vision

By Kingdom At Work
July 21, 2021

God is committed to a day-by-day process of illuminating, convicting, forgiving, transforming, and delivering grace. Our charge as spiritual leaders is not to manage operations, but to be ambassadors of God. It requires you to view leadership through a larger lens. Follow along as we unpack three ways to lead with God’s greater vision in mind.

1. Focus on incremental awareness and progressive change

This way of leadership requires a mental shift from viewing the way you lead as a series of unrelated corrective encounters to the vision of a life-long connected process. We should commit to many small moments of change that happen incrementally. If you think about it, change is most often a process and seldom an event. With a patient and steadfast approach, these moments will build on one another, creating an impact that has us stopping and recognizing the realness of God.

father and son hugging

2. Love and invest in your people with the same heart that you have for your own children

Have you ever been concerned about your kids becoming greater than you? If you’re thinking that is a trick question, you’re absolutely right. This is a completely counter-cultural approach, but it makes caring for your people so very simple. Spiritual leadership is similar to parenthood, where discipline is not seen as something to be avoided, but something you do because you love them and want to help them become the person God created them to be. It is where their good is placed above your good. It is where authority is given, not taken.

previous company president looking at newly appointed president

3. Celebrate daily progress and transformation

Pastor T.D. Jakes reminds us that God did His work in the creation story in Genesis 1, He didn’t wait until the job was done to step back and declare that it was “good.” Each day God incrementally brought order to chaos, but He didn’t wait until His work was 100% complete to marvel at the progress that had been made.

God loves each individual on your team, and because He loves them, He placed them in your company and under your authority. Feel the weight of that – be honored by it and humbled by it, and allow your leadership to be renewed by it day-by-day.

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