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Unity and Accidental Alliances

By Kingdom At Work
June 28, 2024

[The information referenced in this blog is a short summary from June’s Kingdom at Work Webinar on the topic “Accidental Alliances” presented by Holly Betenbough. You can watch the full webinar here.] 

At Betenbough Companies our core value of unity has significantly shaped and impacted our Kingdom culture. Unity influences our communication style, decision-making process, and relationships.  To understand how this core value of unity has helped create a Kingdom culture, let’s first look at the definition.  

1. Submit to and honor one another in humility. 

2. Talk to one another, not talk about one another. 

3. Doesn’t mean uniformity, but instead appreciating differences. 

4. Be willing to disagree and commit to the decision made. 

5. Seek to understand some else’s perspective. Not prove yours is right. 

One of the ways to be unified is to believe there is power in the words we speak.  This principle is highlighted by Proverbs 18:21, “The tongue has the power of life and death.” This emphasizes how our speech can either build up or tear down relationships. As a Kingdom business we want to build up. 

Unity is based on relationships and anytime there are relationships there can be disagreements or hurt feelings. Our natural tendency is to share these issues with others which can create an accidental alliance. To avoid this, we encourage the following steps:

  1. Take the initiative to address conflicts directly with the individual, seeking resolution through open communication.  
  1. If this effort proves unsuccessful, seek the support of your leader to act as witness or mediator.  
  1. If the resolution is still not reached, it may be necessary to part ways with the individual involved. 

This is a Kingdom principle that can be found in Matthew 18:15-17, talk to people, not about them. It gives your team members a healthy way to have difficult conversations while preserving unity. 

A Kingdom Culture purposes to focus on fostering unity, avoiding accidental alliances, and actively working to build up and support others in both personal and professional relationships.  

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