Rick Betenbough

CEO of Betenbough Companies, PBC

Rick Betenbough co-founded Betenbough Homes in 1992 with a vision to use fanatical cost control and “out-of-the-box” organizational systems to become the price leader for new brick homes in Lubbock, Texas. Since then, he has matured a management and production system that combines quality and cost control through disciplined planning, negotiating and supervising.

For 24 years, Rick served as the President of Betenbough Homes, building nearly 7,000 homes for West Texas families. Early in 2016, he felt led to step aside from the role, allowing new leadership to continue to grow and lead the company and its employees.

Now serving as the CEO of Betenbough Companies, PBC., Rick pursues his passion for the advancement of God’s Kingdom in and through the marketplace.

Rick loves to mentor other Kingdom-minded leaders and entrepreneurs while walking his daily journey beside his loving wife and childhood sweetheart, Holly. Their two children, James and Shannon are both married, and in 2017, Rick and Holly welcomed their first grandchild, Naomi.