Embracing Feedback as a Gift


Embracing Feedback as a Gift

What does receiving feedback look like in action?

Walter Cunningham, a member of Betenbough Companies’ leadership team, reflects on times in his career where he leaned into this idea. What was the result? Check out the video to find out.

If you haven’t read the posts earlier in the month about feedback – you can find them here! 


The Kingdom At Work Team

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  1. Thank you so much Walter for this beautiful message. I know the Lord was at work to stop me long enough to watch it! I have been listening to this book Humility: The Beauty of Holiness on my way to work every day and you just help bring it to life in the workplace. All glory to God!

  2. When the ego is subordinated by the spirit, real authentic listening has an opportunity to bless through feedback! Thank you for reminding me about the gift of feedback, and choosing love over fear to receive it!!

  3. Wow, Walter! So beautifully & authentically said. Thank you for sharing this truth. It spoke boldly, yet filled with gentleness, to my heart. Love you brother!

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