Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Who should join an action group?

A: The target participants are owners, CEOs, and presidents. These groups are designed for senior leaders who have the ability to shape and change the culture in the organization that they run. There are no restraints on size or industry, but we do look for the most senior leader of the company. If you are not a senior leader, reach out to us and see how else you can get involved with Kingdom at Work.

Q: What is the cost for a participant?

A: The Kingdom at Work action group facilitator and guide establish the participant investment but could be up to $500/month per participant. This money is paid by the participants directly to the local facilitator, not Kingdom at Work.

Q: What are the covenants?

A: Rather than an employment relationship, Kingdom at Work is entering into a covenant relationship with the facilitators to invite alignment as they represent us and teach the curriculum. We also provide a sample covenant that the facilitators can use with the participants, so they understand the commitment of both time and financial investment. Ultimately these are agreements to set expectations for 12 months for both the leaders and the participants.

Q: Are there commitments beyond attendance and payment? (i.e., time spent in rest/secret-place/prayer)

A: We do not specifically ask people to commit to a certain level of time spent with the King, but we are inviting them into a deeper relationship with God and encourage daily communication with Him as a part of asking the Lord to lead you. The facilitator and guide can be looking for the fruit that will inevitably come out of that, but there is no written commitment outside of cost and attendance.

Q: Do you experience attendance issues during summer vacations?

A: We try to set expectations at the beginning of participant commitment with covenants to prioritize meetings. Facilitators can help with this by establishing a 12-month action group calendar so participants have the opportunity to plan around meeting times.

Q: Can people join in on a session to experience what it’s like before deciding to join a group?

A: We trust the facilitator and guide to make this decision, but it has the potential to be disruptive to the existing group. Ultimately, follow the Holy Spirit’s leading in your decision to join a group. We also hold informational gatherings separately from the monthly meetings throughout the year as a part of the recruiting process.

Q: Are there specific outcomes or metrics of Kingdom Culture we want to see being catalyzed after 12 months?

A: The facilitator and the guide should be looking for fruit in the form of spiritual growth within the group throughout the 12 months. Specific outcomes will look different in each group, but ultimately, we are looking for the participants to start integrating the ABCs into their business: ask the Lord to lead you, build an aligned leadership team, and commit to a relational style of leadership. Also, each session concludes with action items for the month, so facilitators and other participants can hold each person accountable to do what they say they are going to do, which will lead to the outcomes we are hoping for.

Q: Do you have to attend a workshop before joining an Action Group?

A: Though this is an ideal circumstance, it is not a requirement. A great option is for a facilitator to bring their potential Action Group team to the workshop as a kickoff for their group.

Q: Is it just one person per company that can participate? (CEO or owner)

A: The target leader that we want in these groups are the CEO, owner, or most-senior leader, so generally speaking it is just one person per company, but if there are 50/50 partners or husband and wife duos, then we would love for them to be a part of this together. The facilitator and guide can make that decision during recruitment for what is best for the group.

Q: What happens after the first year?

A: These groups are purposefully designed to take place over a 12-month period. Our goal is to give participants enough information to equip them to take and implement the learned material in their businesses. An action group is just the beginning of a journey, followed by a commissioning and sending out into the marketplace. It’s possible that participants could become a guide for a future group, but the groups will formally end after 12 months.

Q: Are there any virtual groups I could join, or are they all in person?

A: So far, all of our groups have launched live and in person. We are not opposed to virtual or hybrid groups, but we would like for groups to meet in person at least for a few of the sessions, or maybe once a quarter, but there are no firm rules on that.

Q: Are the businesses always different or are there groups within a business sector? (i.e. a group of restaurant owners)

A: Groups today vary in size and across industries. Since the goal is spiritual transformation, the type of company is not the largest factor, but there could definitely be benefits in a group within the same industry coming together to challenge each other. That would ultimately be up to the facilitator during the recruitment process.