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Talks from the Lion’s Den

By Kingdom At Work
April 17, 2020

Our team got the chance to speak at the Lion’s Den this week. No, not the one from the book of Daniel. The Lion’s Den is a faith-based business incubator in the Dallas/Fort. Worth area.

Rick Betenbough and Casey Brewer had been scheduled to speak at an event live, but obviously due to the times we’re living in, the event became virtual. Which means, we’re offering their talk to you! In this 10-minute discussion on faith in the workplace, Rick and Casey tackle topics like hearing the voice of God for your business, leadership, culture-building and more.

If you’ve never been to a Kingdom At Work event, this free video is a perfect bite-size piece of what we’re all about. And even if you’ve attended an event in the past, this is a great encouragement and reminder for us all.

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