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The First Step to Transforming Your Business

By Kingdom At Work
December 22, 2022

“I’m overwhelmed.”

“There is never enough time.”

“I feel stuck, behind.”

“I can’t figure out how to get more from my team.”

“I’m not sure what things to focus on.”

“There’s no one I can process hard decisions with. I feel alone.”

“I want to care for my people, but if I don’t focus on profit the business won’t survive.”

As Kingdom business owners and leaders, each of these thoughts have crossed our mind. But you don’t have to carry the weight alone.

As a President, CEO, or Senior leader, you understand that your call is no less than that of a vocational minister. The expansion of God’s Kingdom has been entrusted to you in your workplace, but knowing how to marry that mission with the whirlwind of fires that must be put out daily is altogether challenging.

Kingdom Action Groups were created to help you overcome those challenges.

Once a month, over the course of one year, you’ll be equipped alongside a group of like-minded business leaders who are devoted to developing a Kingdom culture within their organizations, and wrestling through challenges only business leaders understand, together. Action Groups are led by experienced facilitators in a small group setting.

Hear from Nathan Hasse, Owner/CEO of RelevantTec, speaking on the impact Action Groups have had in his life and business.

With new groups starting in January across America (and the world), now is the right time to reach out and learn more. Call, text, or email Michael Goen at:; 806.438.9329

If you are not a Senior leader within a business but know a leader who might be wrestling with the same issues, send them more information about Kingdom Actions Groups today.

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