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The Kingdom of God in Your Business

By Kingdom At Work
January 18, 2023

It is very difficult to champion something you don’t fully understand. Many Christians find themselves struggling with the idea of the “Kingdom of God” and therefore haven’t fully adopted the truth that the Kingdom is truly coming “on earth as it is in heaven” (as Jesus taught his friends to pray).

If you aren’t growing in your understanding of the Kingdom, you won’t be able to act for its coming. And if you aren’t acting, you’re not bringing the Kingdom into your everyday life, including your business.

So let’s step back from the whirlwind of our daily lives and reflect on (or maybe learn for the first time) what the Kingdom of God is.

What is the Kingdom of God?

Take a moment to wonder out loud, “What was the gospel Jesus taught and talked about most?” If you find yourself saying something like, “Jesus is God’s Son who came into the world to die, rise again, and thus save humanity from sin,” you are not wrong. This is a piece of the Good News, but we must dig deeper. If we stop there, all you are left with is a gospel of behavior modification, and thus you remain stagnant. Jesus was adamant that his followers be trained in the Good News that the Kingdom of God is at hand.

The Kingdom of God is God’s government, rule, and reign… the range of His effective will. It is found anywhere His Word and will are done. It is both internal (within us) and external (seen, outwardly demonstrated). It is not of this world and therefore is not a republic or democracy ruled by people. Jesus Christ is The King, full stop. As friends of Jesus, we are citizens of His nation, a people set apart from the world but placed in the world (as Jesus was) to partner with Jesus in His mission to bring His Kingdom on earth as it is in Heaven.

That means you. Ephesians 2:6 reveals that because you were saved by grace alone, you have been seated with Jesus in the heavenly places. You have been given authority to work against the kingdom of darkness, in partnership with Jesus, to usher in His Kingdom in the spaces he has given you to steward. If you lead a business, you are responsible for submitting to the authority of King Jesus over your business, allowing his Word and will to transform the attitudes, behaviors, customs and culture of your business.

How will you know the Kingdom is coming in your business?

“You will know them by their fruits” Jesus said in Matthew 7:16.

What would the people in your business say about you? How would they describe their experience working under your authority? Would they use words like loving? Patient? Faithful? Gentle? Would they say they feel valued for more than what they produce for the company? Answering these questions will give you some indication as to whether your business is under Jesus’ reign or not.

How should you begin?

Many business leaders are strivers, so you may be tempted to try harder or do better. In John 15:5, Jesus makes it clear that if you abide in Him, “you will bear much fruit, but apart from me you can do nothing.” Take these steps with Jesus without taking the ball from Him and running ahead on your own.

Honestly bring these questions before the Lord:

  1. Do you truly want your employees to understand and experience the love of God?
  2. Does it seem like people all around you are successfully moving ahead in life, while you are stuck?
  3. As the leader of your business, do you feel alone?
  4. Do you see the work you do as ministry?
  5. Do you need breakthrough in an area of your life?

Finally, let Holy Spirit educate you in the ways of the Kingdom through the Book of Matthew. As you read, draw a crown in the margins every time you come across a mention of “The Kingdom.” Make note of how Jesus describes it and the parables he shares that explain it. You’ll find yourself noticing His Kingdom coming in your daily life. As you grow in your understanding of the way God’s Kingdom works, you’ll be able to use the authority given to you to bring it in your own life and business.

If you feel alone as a leader, join with other business leaders in your area asking the same questions. Learn more about Kingdom Action Groups.

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