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  1. Cal: So on Target- This morning I had a great conversation with one of my Managers and it was on this topic EXACTLY, then I get a text from my mentor ( again on this topic) and then ..drum roll… I read this blogpost. I hear Him loud and clear ! He has to send it in messages of 3x today! The desire is here, my intentions and my heart are aligned, but I some days feel like Paul. Exasperatedly declaring’ ” GOD why do I do what I do not want to do, and what I desire to do I dont”…. Change.. its a process, it takes intentional steps daily, over time we will ( I will) get there and as I as the leader steward us there, I know our culture and our climate will morph into one that truly is putting our mission in front of us daily in our interactions with each other – our employees and our clients! It starts here and its starts with WHO is right in front of us. #kingdomcentered #kindomfocused #kingdomlead

    1. Thanks, Britanie. I appreciate your transparency and encouragement. God sometimes speaks to me the same way. He’s patient and gentle with me. And I totally get that reference to Paul’s message in Romans 7 about “I do not understand what I do. For what I want to do I do not do, but what I hate I do.” I remember I was in a Bible study on Romans one time, and we read that passage together and the teacher said something like “This scripture really confuses me. I’m honestly not sure what Paul meant here. Does anyone have any insight?” I think my response was “Are you kidding me?! If I understand any part of scripture it might be that part!” So that resonates with me too.

      Know that this has been a progressive change for us too. God didn’t transform our business overnight, but it’s been a process of awakening over many years. Truth be told, He’s still doing it. In fact, while it feels like He has revealed so much to us, I bet we’re just starting and aren’t even close to realizing half of the things He wants to show us. But the longer I walk this out, the more I realize God is SO patient and gentle with us. He’s a good Father, who doesn’t get mad or disappointed when He’s on a walk with His kids and we get distracted by the flowers or chase a butterfly for a few minutes. He isn’t hurrying us along to get to some destination, He is relishing every moment of the journey and loving us fully the entire way. I pray that God gives us that same heart and posture for our people!


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