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  1. I invite Father in everyday, ask for His presence to be with me. You don’t have to say anything you walk it out an Father sets up divine connections with people so you can speak into their life.
    I continually surrender my self and my business to His authority an control, I do my best to hear His leading

    1. Great thoughts! I love the progression you mentioned: 1) Invite the Father in and ask for His presence, 2) Continually surrender to His authority, 3) Hear His leading. That’s great insight!

  2. 1. As a business owner, all our actions are public. People see how we spend our money, treat others, and they know what is most important to us. They know if we are honest, dependable, or fair. People see our faith in God through our actions.
    One Christmas I felt God lead me to invite one of my employees to a Christmas service. The invitation went something like this. This church is going to have a special performance for Christmas. It’s not my church but, they have a good Christmas show. My wife and I can’t take you because we have another commitment. But, I felt I should ask you to go. She went to the performance the next night and ran into a friend of mine who led her to know Jesus as her savior.
    At the time, I owned an insurance agency. The next day she told me that when she took the job she thought because I sold insurance I had to be a crook. During the time she worked for me she watched me and found out that I was honest. So, when I asked her to go to church she felt it was important for her to go simply because I asked. The people inside your company know who you are through your actions.
    2. All of us want God to bless our efforts. But, unless we spend time with him to build a relationship our prayers are going to be ineffective. Building a relationship requires commitment. This requires setting aside time to read Gods word, study his ways, and of course pray. As we devote time to God we learn how to allow his Holy Spirit to lead us. By following his leading we surrender our lives and businesses to God.

    1. What an encouraging and powerful story! It is such a great reminder to us all that people indeed are watching us and evaluating our authenticity. Great thoughts on relationship and leadership!

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