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When work, worship & service collide

By Kingdom At Work
April 21, 2022

Avodah. One Hebrew word. Three simultaneous meanings.

The concept of “Avodah” means work, worship and service. Whatever it is – our work, our worship, or our service if led by the Holy Spirit, is honoring to God.

This concept is something that Brian Barnett, owner and president of Barnett Signs in Mesquite, Texas, lives out daily.

Brian Barnett, by trade, is a master sign electrician. Through his business, he helps to brand by putting a sign on businesses and facilities so we know exactly what they are. That is the natural part of his calling. The spiritual component is very similar: Brian helps people to know who God has called them to be.

Brian said, “It’s interesting to me how God uses what we do in the natural to partner and work with what He’s called us to do in the Spiritual.”

When Brian was young, Kingdom leaders would tell him they saw a pastoral call in his life. But God never called Brian Barnett to start a church. He called him to start a business. Brian was called to express God’s shepherd heart in the marketplace.

Being called to the marketplace is a calling from God. So, we can confidently say that our work for His purposes is work alongside God.

Ask yourself:
What does it look like to live out your spiritual calling in the marketplace?

Watch the Kingdom at Work film on Barnett Signs here.

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