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  1. Cal
    My challenge is always to give up my right and need to “understand”. Resting in His Peace even when I don’t understand is true Freedom. He’s got this and He’s also got all of our employees taken care of as well
    Thanks for you post

    1. Post

      Hey, Bud! I watched the video about your business (His Way Painting) a couple of months ago. Wow, what a powerful story! Anyone reading this that hasn’t seen that should go check it out.

      And I appreciate your honesty. I totally, totally know what you are saying. I’m an engineer – so that is my struggle. I often think it must be a divine comedy that God hand-selected an extremely ambitious, door-kicking engineer to lead one of His organizations. Everything in my background, including heavy drug abuse and all-out rebellion against God, would say I could likely be the worse possible person on earth for Him to pick to lead this way. And there is the divine comedy … the paradox. He doesn’t call the equipped, He equips the called!

      But, like you said … there is true freedom there. Like you said, I often “need to understand” and even occasionally God what he needs to do, which He extends me grace for … but is complete arrogance. He doesn’t want me to understand, he wants me to trust. You might remember, I wrote an article a two months ago called “Clarity vs. Trust” and it talks about how God had just been wearing me out on that topic for months. Honestly, this isn’t too different from that. I guess I’m a slow learner, and God is being very patient with me! Deep down I know the truth is I don’t know what He knows, and His way is better. He will allow me to go my way (based on my understanding), but if I do that I will do it without His covering and I will have to bear the weight of it. But if I will trust Him, even without understanding, He will carry the weight of it. And there is that freedom you’re talking about! It’s offered, but we have to trust in order to latch onto it. And that can put you in some very vulnerable places, like with your back up against the Red Sea and the Egyptians advancing, or thinking that you need more land or homesites in a city for your home building operation and all the employees and trade partners depending on it, but trusting the Lord to provide it and not going to kick down doors to make it happen yourself. But, I will say that while it’s a vulnerable position, you get to see God move in some really, really cool and undeniable ways.

      Bud, I’m 100% sure you know what I’m talking about there! 😉 I appreciate your transparent comments. That’s what many (if not most) of us feel, and it’s okay to say that. And once again, your story is inspiring and encouraged me so much.


  2. Zant, praise God for the revelation and comforting words you shared. Like the last article you shared about Clarity and Trust, the man sought out Mother Theresa to pray for him and to find clarity in his life. “What is it all about why are we really here?” One thing and one thing alone to glorify “God” through all things not just the good times, the bad times, the tough times, the lonely times, the uncertain times! As the story you shared earlier said when mother Theresa was asked by the man to pray for him so he would have clarity she told him she instead would pray that he “trust” for you cannot have clarity without first having trust, trust in God and faith that in His perfect will is sufficient!
    I believe that God has allowed this virus to remind us we are not in control, just like the Israelites where not in control when the Egyptian army was on one side and the Red Sea on the other. God said watch this and parted the sea, however, the Israelites had to trust God and walk through it. Zant may you find peace in these words as your words have brought peace to me and others. Go on my friend Go on!

    “Then if my people who are called by my name will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from there wicked ways. I will hear from heaven above and will forgive their sons and heal there land.
    2 Chronicles Chapter 7 Vs 14

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